Blac Chyna’s Mom, Tokyo Toni, Denies Threatening Judge: ‘I Do Comedy’ [Photo + Video]

A ban from court wasn’t enough to stop Blac Chyna’s mom from going live on Instagram.

via: Page Six

Tokyo Toni said on one of her Instagram accounts Wednesday that despite the fact that she vowed to “get the judge” during a livestream, “nobody heard” her “threaten” him.

“I do sets are [sic] comedy and I will continue nobody’s going to stop my movement. But this right here would not be served something would not get contempt,” she wrote in a rambling post.

“I never stepped into the quart [sic] room.”

Toni, 50, claimed she waited “in the bay” while her daughter, 33, faced off against the reality TV family but was admonished when she “put 1 foot out.”

“[They] say you can’t go in there because they feel threatened. That’s what I got. I don’t get it,” she alleged.

Page Six reported Tuesday that the judge had banned Toni after she went on social media tirade about the Kardashians, attacking their appearances and comparing them to characters from the horror franchise “Saw.”

The powerhouse family’s attorney claimed they felt unsafe in light of Toni’s videos.

“Ms. Jenner was worried about her physical safety,” Michael Rhodes told the judge, adding that the case was already “hard enough” with high-profile clients but even harder when he “has to worry” about them.

Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, agreed that Toni should be excluded from the court.

In a follow-up video released Wednesday, Toni said she did not understand why her colorful commentary about their appearances would frighten them.

“One of them bitches was scared,” she said. “I didn’t do nothing but talk about their f–king clothes, and they look like crackheads, and they still do. OK? It ain’t got nothing to do about the case. I’ve been talking about these bitches forever. … It’s comedy.”

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