Blac Chyna Is Seeking $300 Million In Damages from Kardashian/Jenner Family for Loss of Future Earnings, Betrayal, Emotional Distress and Humiliation

Blac Chyna is under the belief she’s owed $300 million from the Kardashian family due to the fact that the second season of her show, “Rob & Chyna” got canceled when she and Rob broke up.

via Radar Online:

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Kim Kardashian — along with her mother Kris and sisters Khloé and Kylie — are asking a judge to not allow Chyna to seek economic damages during the trial.

Chyna is suing the Kardashian/Jenner family accusing them of spreading lies that she abused her ex-fiancé Rob. She claims the alleged falsehoods were told to E! executives who ended up canceling her reality show, Rob & Chyna.

In court docs, Chyna argues the show being canceled not only caused her to lose out on the nearly $1 million season paycheck but also a ton of other lucrative deals.

Chyna is also taking on her ex Rob for posting explicit photos of her online to his 9 million followers without her consent. The trial — which is set to start later this month — will be split into two parts. The first will be Chyna taking on Rob and the second will be her fighting the rest of his family.

In a new motion filed by Kim — along with her mom and sisters — they argue Chyna should not be allowed to seek economic damages at all. They say Chyna is seeking over $100 million in economic damages alone. The family says Chyna is also seeking “upwards of another $200 million in general and punitive damages.”

They call the $100 million sought “absurd.”

Their motion states, “Not only because the astronomical figure is based on allegations regarding two text messages and two private emails, but more fundamentally, because it is entirely unsupported by the documentary evidence concerning [Chyna’s] income.”

The family accuses Chyna of refusing to turn over “meaningful discovery” including her full and complete financial records.

Chyna’s statement of damages demands $36 million from Kim Kardashian for emotional distress, another $36 million for injury to reputation and humiliation, and $36 million for anxiety and betrayal.

She is seeking $44 million in loss of earnings and another $64 million in loss of future earnings. Chyna is also seeking $100 million from Kim in punitive damages.

Chyna wants $19 million in punitive damages from Kris Jenner, $94 million in punitive damages from Kim and Kylie, and $5 million from Khloé.

As Radar previously reported, the family is currently trying to block any testimony about their wealth from being used during the trial.

Those numbers are quite absurd.

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