Blac Chyna Reveals She Suffered Complications From Her Breast Reduction [Video] |

Blac Chyna Reveals She Suffered Complications From Her Breast Reduction [Video]

Blac Chyna is getting candid about complications she suffered after having a breast reduction earlier last year.

via: ET Online

“Hello everyone, Happy New Year’s,” began the 35-year-old model and influencer in a recent black-and-white Instagram video post, donning a black bra and a compression wrap around her chest. “Yep, I did it again.”

Chyna, born Angela White, shared an account of her decision to undergo breast reduction earlier in the year, expressing her desire to move away from the artificial appearance of larger breasts that no longer suited her. She detailed consulting with her doctor to ensure the reduction would avoid leaving her with saggy or deformed breasts.

The mother of two, Dream, 7, and King Cairo, 11, shared that after downsizing from 585cc to 385cc, she faced complications as one of her breasts became encapsulated, a rare but known risk associated with surgery. Describing it as one of the worst possible outcomes, she explained how the muscle in her left breast contracted around the implant, causing a painful experience.

In a second surgery just before Christmas on Dec. 21, Chyna further reduced to 190cc. She revealed that her doctor advised her to opt for some form of implant to prevent her breasts from becoming mushy.

Despite acknowledging the expense and the likelihood of future surgeries, Chyna expressed happiness and excitement, declaring herself a member of the “Itty Bitty Tittie Committee.” She conveyed her gratitude to her followers for their support throughout the challenging process, looking forward to the new year with optimism.

“I’m excited for 2024,” she added, sharing a follow-up post showcasing her enthusiasm for health goals in the upcoming year, including shopping for her first pair of running shoes.

In 2023, Chyna opted to have several cosmetic procedures reversed including dissolving her facial fillers.

In August 2023, she told ET of the decision, “My thing is, before you start talking to me or give me the chance, I want you to see this is a well-rounded woman.”

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