Blac Chyna Is Reportedly Preparing to File an 'Explosive' Countersuit Against Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna is reportedly preparing to fight back against Rob Kardashian’s lawsuit with a bombshell suit of her own.

via Radar Online:

The model, 29, will file an “explosive” countersuit against her 30-year-old baby daddy after he accused her of abusing drugs and trying to strangle him, a source told Radar.

“Chyna hired a team of lawyers to help her fight back against Rob,” the source said. “He’s rich, with all of the Kardashian money, but she knows his secrets, and now she’s not going to keep them.

“She’s going to file an explosive counter lawsuit for millions that will expose all of Rob’s lies.”

The suit will be filed by October 27, one month after Kardashian slapped her with his own lawsuit.

She’s waiting until the last minute to make sure she gets all her ducks in a row, the source explained.

“Chyna is gathering all of her evidence, making sure her story is solidand better than the one that Rob told,” the source continued. “She’s going to wait until the end of the deadline to file her suit. She has about three more weeks.”

“She is going to stick it to Rob twice. She will file a response, and her own lawsuit. This will get ugly.”

As Radar previously reported, the sock line founder said his the mother of infant daughter dream tried to choke him with an iPhone cord, hit him in the head and face, and threw a metal chair at his Bentley as he tried to flee their home last December.

But Chyna isn’t afraid of his powerhouse family and wild accusations.

“Blac Chyna wants Rob to pay for what he did to her. She isn’t afraid of him,” a friend of Chyna previously told Radar.

The former couple attempted to settle their differences out of court, but a mediation session failed, Radar previously reported.

How much uglier could it possibly get?

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