Blac Chyna Hits Back at Criticism for Charging $1,000 for FaceTime Calls: 'I'm a Hustle Queen, I Don't Care' [Video]

Blac Chyna is used to selling herself, but now the former stripper has taken her talents digitally and is selling herself online.

As previously reported, Chyna is selling FaceTime calls and Instagram follows to the tune of $1,000 — and she doesn’t care what you think about it.

via AceShowbiz:

In a wide-ranging interview with Supa Cindy on Miami’s 99Jamz, Chyna was asked about the matter as she defended herself, “I’m a hustle queen. I don’t care. I’m a hustle queen and I may figure it out, and that’s just that. How legendary is that. For a follow back? $250? That’s it.” She then mentioned that she used an app called Cameo to FaceTime with her fans, saying that her FaceTime calls were made from a Google number and consisted mostly of her introducing herself and chatting briefly with the fans.

Back in April, Chyna made headlines when she announced that people could FaceTime her by paying a whopping $950 and earned an Instagram follow if they paid her $250. Given how high the price was, people were not having it and began attacking her on social media. “It’s a damn virus going on and some people don’t have money to pay bills and she out here charging for a follow back,” one said. “Charging people for following you? Shame on you bye!” one other commented.

Meanwhile, some others joked that the likes of YBN Almighty Jay and Rob Kardashian would be more than willing to pay for it. “Imagine paying then she follow you and unfollow you after a few weeks,” another person quipped, as there was also one person who joked, “A bet a simp gonna pay that and she only gonna stay on the phone for like 1 minute.”

If people want to pay Chyna for … whatever…let them.

Watch the full interview below.

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