Blac Chyna Files New Declaration Amid Nasty Legal Feud With Ex-Fiance Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna has accused her former fiance Rob Kardashian of trying to force her to drop ongoing lawsuits against him and his family with threatening behavior.

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According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Chyna filed a new declaration in the assault and battery case filed by the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star — claiming he is being “abusive” towards her over their ongoing legal issues.

In the filing, Chyna says, “Since October 2017, my former fiancé, Robert Kardashian Jr. has verbally abused me in a threatening manner by repeatedly insisting that I must drop my lawsuit against him and his family.” She explains, “After I repeatedly refused to drop my lawsuit against Rob for Revenge Porn and against his mom and three of his sisters for Defamation and Intentional Interference with Contract,” Rob took her to court trying to take custody of their three-year-old daughter, Dream.

The model and reality star claims the application for full custody was “based on new lies” that she was an “unfit mother.”

As we reported, Rob Kardashian sued Blac Chyna for assault and battery — claiming she choked him with an iPhone cord and assaulted him inside their Los Angeles home, while high on drugs and alcohol. As for Chyna, she filed her own lawsuit against Kardashian for sharing intimate photos on social media without her permission. Also, BC filed a lawsuit against The Kardashian girls, claiming they intentionally got her reality show canceled by using their influence with the same network.

In this case, Blac Chyna is attempting to enter into record reports from a Department of Children and Family Service report, which she claims proves Rob testified that she “never physically abused him.”

At this point, Chyna claims Rob is pressuring her to drop the ongoing litigation in return for him dropping his case. She writes, “Before Rob’s noticed deposition in the Family Law case in late 2020, Rob called and told me he would drop both his Family Law motion to take custody of my daughter away from me and this assault and battery case if, and only if, I agreed to drop my Revenge Porn claim against him.”

She continued, “I refused” and “Thankfully, my family law attorneys were able to make sure that I keep joint custody of my daughter because I actually am an excellent mother. I love my daughter Dream and my son King more than anything in the world.”

Unfortunately, all of the cases involving Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are ongoing. We are guessing the former couple will eventually be forced to sit in a room and hash out a global settlement for all of the previously discussed cases. If not, they will end up going to trial in all of them — separately — which will cost both sides a fortune.

So far, Rob has not responded to the allegations in this new declaration.

Stay tuned.

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