Blac Chyna Claims She Was Hacked After Accused Of Being Transphobic For Exposing Tyga [Photos]

Earlier this week, Blac Chyna’s Twitter account seemingly calls out Tyga. Now she is clarifying things.

via: AceShowbiz

After accused of being transphobic with her posts in which she outed Tyga for allegedly liking trans women, the model has denied that she posted the disparaging tweets about her ex-boyfriend.

One day after Blac’s Twitter account dropped the bombshell claims about the rapper, a representative for the socialite claimed that her account was hacked and she was not responsible for the tweets in question. “Unfortunately, Blac Chyna’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday as she would not purposely speak negatively about Tyga online,” so the rep told The Shade Room, before apologizing for the remarks.

The rep issued the statement after Blac’s Twitter account made a shocking allegation about Tyga on Monday. “Tyga loves Trans , me 2 [red lips emoji,” so read the tweet posted on the 33-year-old mother of two’s social media account. Urging the rapper to come clean, a follow-up tweet said, “Tell the truth @Tyga !!!!!”

Blac later came under fire as many took issue with her possibly outing her ex. “I don’t know if Tyga dates trans women, but this tweet is exactly the BS behavior that puts Black trans women in danger when you out there shaming Black men for being attracted to trans women,” one wrote.

Some others accused her of being transphobic. “and no blac chyna isn’t ‘outing’ tyga, she’s just being a weirdo. trans women are women that’s a heterosexual man and who he wanna sleep with (that’s of age with his nasty a**) is his business,” one commented. Another added, “Tyga never dissed trans people even with the allegations so it makes Blac Chyna just look pressed.”

Bobby Lytes also weighed in on Blac’s tweets, writing on his own page, “When females like Blac Chyna for example use transgender people as a weapon to humiliate heterosexual male, that further demonstrates how some cis women perceive transgender women, even though they may said ‘I love them too’ it’s still offensive.” He went on questioning the motive behind such tweets, “& then why mention it?”

Do y’all believe Chyna?

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