Bhad Bhabie Responds to Instagram User Asking About Her Cosmetic Procedures: 'Nothing Has Ever Worked for Me'

Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram to hit back at commenters calling out her “skinny” body, but she says she’s tried several different ways to enhance her curves — and nothing has worked.

via Complex:

Just days after the rapper called out online body-shamers, telling them she’s “not insecure about my body being skinny and it shows,” Bhabie replied to a commenter in a new swimsuit pic who asked about cosmetic surgeries.

When a commenter wrote in the comment section of her latest swimsuit pic that they “need to kno what surgery she got,” Bhabie was quick to respond. 

“Nothing has ever worked for me,” the 18-year-old rapper revealed. “I’ve tried silicone shots and sculptra it don’t stick and I don’t think I got enough silicone but trust me when I do find something that will work you will know Bc imma have a big ass bootyyyyy.”

Bhabie last fought off haters last week, after they poked fun at her body weight, responding in a caption that “BMI clearly states that someone who’s 4 11 should b 86-105 lbs. I’m 87 pounds so go suck 101 dicks if you have a problem with someone else’s body.” 

The backlash isn’t anything new though, as she told Inked Magazine earlier this year in her cover story, where she also discussed her move from her “less gimmicky” previous material and her success on OnlyFans. She launched her account back in April and says she earned $1 million in just her first six hours, smashing a previous OF record.

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