Beyoncé's 'Formation World Tour' Sold Over 2 Million Tickets and Earned Over $256 Million


Beyonce’s Formation stadium tour finished its last show on Oct. 7 — brinting the tour’s earnings to $256,084,556 with 2.2 million tickets sold.

The tour, which began April 27 at Marlins Park in Miami, averaged a whopping $5.2 million in gross and 45,757 paid attendance per show.

via Billboard:

Tour promoter Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation’s Global Touring division, calls Beyonce an “amazing performer” with a  “rabid, committed fan base.”

The highest-grossing stop on the tour came from two sellouts at London’s Wembley Stadium July 2-3 that took in $15.3 million and sold 142,500 tickets. Earlier in the run, an $11.5 million take from two sellouts at New York’s City’s Citi Field took in $11.5 million and moved 73,486 tickets as the highest-grossing date in North America.
The tour received high marks for its extravagant production, but Fogel points out that Beyonce “rose above the spectacle” in her performances. “When everybody acknowledges the greatness of the production but, more than that, everybody is blown away by her, that’s the ultimately skill,” he says. “To not only use the platform of a great production, but to rise above it as a performer and artist, that’s her incredibly unique quality.”

That’s a LOT of money.

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