Beyoncé Set to Release New Single on December 3rd? |

Beyoncé Set to Release New Single on December 3rd?


A new report says Beyoncé is planning to release her new single on December 3rd. We aren’t holding our breath.

According to the NY Daily News:

Beyoncé decided to wait until early December so her single will come out right after Gaga, Katy and Miley release their albums. It’s all because she wants everyone to know exactly who the queen is, a source tells Confidential.

Either that, or she’s afraid of chart competition after her previous few singles didn’t live up to expectations. The report continues:

“Many in the music industry have gotten intel that Beyoncé will put out a single in the fourth quarter, some time from late November to early December,” our insider says. “It’s an official single and it’s timed perfectly to push out all the others. It will be out before the end of the year.”

Our source adds that Ole Music Publishing in Nashville is working its magic and will hand the “massive” song over to Columbia Records — Bey’s label. Pepsi bankrolled the whole project.

Another source tells us that Beyoncé has gone to great lengths to hide what she’s been up to in the studio. That’s been very tough, given her status. She played the music only minimally while filming the song’s video, directed by celeb photographer Terry Richardson in Coney Island in August.

Insiders tell us the track and video will land on Dec. 3.

Hmm…we guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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