Beyoncé Is Reportedly Encouraging Jay Z to Run for Office


It looks like all that time Beyoncé and Jay Z spent with Barack and Michelle Obama over the years may have been more than just friendly visitation.

According to reports, Jay Z is thinking about a new career in politics.

via Radar Online:

After Clinton’s recent defeat by President-elect Donald Trump, the insider said, “Jay Z is really considering running for political office in New York and Beyonce is 1000 percent supportive of her husband’s decision.”

“Beyonce and Jay Z became friends with Barack Obama and Michelle and they have always been close with the Clintons,” said the source. “The Obamas and Clintons have told Jay Z on numerous occasions that he should get involved in politics.”

“They told him that he would make a great leader,” the source told Radar. “Jay Z not only has star power, but he would have a ton of support from his fans, as well as from past administrations.”

Said the insider, “Beyonce told Jay Z that running for political office would be a really good next step for his career and she feels like it will also give him a sense of purpose.”

While we assume he’ll be starting out at the local level, the idea of Beyoncé and Jay Z in the White House one day sounds awesome.

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