Beyoncé Covers T Magazine as 'The Woman on Top of the World' [Photos]


Beyoncé may not have won any fashion icon awards at last night’s CFDA , but she’s certainly an icon in her own right.

Bey covers the latest issue of The New York Times Style Magazine, T.

In the accompanying article headlined “The Woman on Top of the World,” the magazine talks Beyoncé’s unstoppable success and her groundbreaking career as an entertainer.

Check out an excerpt:

Literally and figuratively, Beyoncé is a moving target — it’s as difficult to get a fix on her as it would be to keep up with her on the dance floor. Beyoncé represents down-home earthiness and impossible glamour, soul-woman warmth and diva hauteur, a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and garish 1 percent excess. Her new album is sexed-up to the point of lewdness, with punch lines about body fluids on evening wear and intimations of rough sex. Yet the sex — in the limo, in the kitchen, everywhere, apparently, but the bedroom — is married sex, family-values sex, which, the album makes clear, produced a bouncing baby girl, a result perhaps even Bill O’Reilly can feel good about.

You can read the full article here. Get into some more photos from the spread:


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