Beyoncé and Cardi B Had a Collaboration That Was Scrapped After Details Leaked Online

Did you know that we almost got a Beyoncé x Cardi B collaboration?

According to the song’s producer, the song got scrapped after details leaked online.

via NME:

Talk of the secret project first emerged online in October 2017 when Michael Ashby, aka Ashby The Mix Engineer, shared a picture of his computer screen on his Instagram Story and revealed a file called ‘Cardi B ft Beyonce demo.’

Ashby subsequently apologised for the leak, but Cardi denied the collaboration and insisted she had never met the engineer – who produced Bodak Yellow.

However, producer J White Did It has now claimed that the collaboration was actually scrapped after Ashby made it public, with Beyonce remaining keen to remain mysterious about her work.

“Three years ago I had a Beyonce play with Cardi and that kinda went sour because it went viral that they was doing a song together and that cut out (sic),” he explained in an Instagram video.

“I was just as giddy as everybody else (about the collaboration),” he shared, before recalling the moment he knew that project was dead: “I was sitting there just waiting, looking on the Internet, then it leaked…”

Imagine fumbling a Beyoncé collaboration bag. We bet Ashby was sick to his stomach.

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