BeyHive Drags Yahoo Finance for Calling Beyoncé's 'Black Is King' Viewership Numbers 'Underwhelming'

Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’ was an incredible visual and a ‘gift’ to Black audiences around the world — and that alone makes it a success.

After Yahoo! Finance posted an article suggesting ‘Black Is King’ performed poorly compared to other Disney+ titles on the streaming service, the Beyhive (rightfully) went on the attack.

The article states:

According to exclusive data provided by analytics platform 7Park, the top Disney+ titles between August 1 and August 3 included “Incredibles 2,” “Frozen 2,” “Muppets Now,” and “Hamilton” — with “Black Is King” finishing the weekend at number 10, attracting less than 4% of total Disney+ users.

Meanwhile, “Hamilton” — which made its debut on July 3 — continues to dominate.

On average time spent on the Disney+ platform, users dedicated 22% of their time watching “Hamilton,” compared to only 2.2% for ‘Black Is King’

In response, several uses cited a contrasting report from a site called ‘What’s On Disney Plus,’ suggesting otherwise.

It should be noted, as per the site, that “Disney doesn’t provide actual viewing numbers for Disney+, so this chart is based off the Trending section on my Disney+ app on Sunday morning.”

Only Disney+ knows how ‘Black Is King’ performed — but the question is, does it even matter?

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