Beverly Johnson to Bill Cosby: 'I Forgive You' [Video]

BOSS 5th Year Anniversary

Beverly Johnson made headlines last year when she revealed in an essay for Vanity Fair that Bill Cosby drugged her in 1986.

This morning, Beverly appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new memoir The Face That Changed It All, and in the book, she recalls her harrowing experience with the famed comedian.

When asked what she’d say to Cosby now, Beverly’s response was surprising.

“I forgive you.”

When asked what she thinks should happen to Cosby, her response was in the same vein:

“I’m going to leave that to the justice department. And I just think that he’s a lightning rod for a much bigger conversation, and that conversation would be the rape culture in America.”

Good for you, Beverly!

Watch the full interview below.

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