Better Late Than Never: Jordyn Woods Takes on TikTok ‘Buss It’ Challenge, Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns Says 'God Is Good'

Jordyn Woods’ participated in the viral ‘Buss It’ challenge on social media as per fans’ request — and she did not disappoint!

via People:

Woods, 23, shared a video on Monday as she got ready to film the dance. “I told you I would give you this ‘Buss It’ challenge. Some of you might be like, ‘Oh that’s old news.’ I’mma still do it so I’m doing my makeup right now so I can film it,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

On Tuesday, the model posted herself doing the challenge much to her boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns’ delight.

“Worth the wait,” she captioned the clip on TikTok.

In the video, Woods switches from wearing black sweatpants and a black hoodie with her hair tucked back to a revealing black bodysuit with cutouts in the front and black pants. The model’s hair flows as a fan blows behind the camera. 

Towns, 25, reacted to the TikTok video on Twitter, writing, “God is Good.”

Woods hasn’t seen the Minnesota Timberwolves player “for a while” as “he’s still recovering” from COVID-19, the model shared on her Instagram Stories.

Towns revealed his diagnosis on Twitter and Instagram on January 15. The news comes after his mother and six other family members died as a result of COVID-19 complications last year.

He has since been quarantining and although the NBA star hasn’t been able to see Woods, he’s been gifting her sweet things such as a hoodie with a message about love until he reunites with the model.

Watch Jordyn drop it down and ‘buss it’ below.

@jordynwoodsworth the wait ? #bussitchallenge

? Buss It – Erica Banks

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