Bay Area Newscasters Issue Public Apologies Following Racist On-Air Rant About Diddy's Desire to Buy the Panthers [Video]

Diddy’s desire to purchase the Carolina Panthers is exciting, however not everyone feels that way.

While discussing the situation on-air, Bay Area’s Kron 4 News sports reporter Henry Wofford and host Darya Folsom went on a racist tirade about the $820 million mogul.

They laughed and joked while saying Diddy looks like he ‘smoked a blunt’ and ‘drank a 40’ before questioning “How can we take Diddy seriously?”

Well, they can start by checking Forbes — which lists Diddy’s net worth at $820 million. Not to mention the ever-expanding list of successful companies that he has in his portfolio.

After the news clip went viral, both Henry and Darya issued public apologies…and deactivated their social media accounts.

The worst part, is that Henry is a Black man. For whatever reason, he decided to perpetuate racist stereotypes for the amusement of his white co-worker.

They should both be fired. You can watch their apologies here.

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