Basketball Star’s ‘Bulging Dicks’ Cost Him Millions [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the funniest television slip-ups in a really long time!

Former Ohio State basketball star Jared Sullinger experienced some draft night disappointment Thursday — but ESPN’s reporting on the situation produced a viral sports TV blooper tailor-made for the YouTube era.

Sullinger would have likely been a top-10 pick in last night’s NBA Draft. During the intense pre-draft review process of workouts and medical examinations over the past couple months, however, doctors found back problems that made many teams wary of drafting him.

Sullinger was eventually selected with 21st overall pick, meaning he missed out on a much fatter rookie contract. Sports business reporter Darren Rovell pegs the lost wages at about $2 million over two seasons.

ESPN analyst Andy Katz broke down the story last night, but had an unfortunate verbal slip-up when he referenced the “bulging dicks” in Sullinger’s back that were reportedly red-flagged by NBA teams. Sullinger’s father, Katz says, disputes the bulging dicks’ veracity — and, we assume, that of the bulging discs doctors actually reported.

Watch the hilarity below:

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