Barack Obama Reacts After Supporter Calls Him 'Fine' During His Speech on Campaign Trail [Video] |

Barack Obama Reacts After Supporter Calls Him ‘Fine’ During His Speech on Campaign Trail [Video]

Former President Barack Obama is on the campaign trail encouraging voter turnout for the midterm elections. He is also getting tons of love, especially in Michigan.

via: People

In a clip from MSNBC shared by a user via Twitter, the former president spoke to the audience at Detroit Renaissance High School gymnasium on Saturday, while confessing: “sometimes going on a campaign trail feels a little harder than it used to not just because I am older and grayer….”

As the crowd erupted in laughter at his remark, a woman who sat behind the speech podium chimed in and said, “You fine as [expletive].”

Amused by the comment, Obama, 61, flashed a huge grin on his face as he turned around and asked the woman to repeat what she said. He later responded by joking “I’m not gonna tell Michelle [Obama] you said that.”

After a slight pause he added, “Although Michelle does agree, she knows.”

Obama traveled to Michigan this weekend to encourage voters to come out for the upcoming elections, specifically to support Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is competing against Republican candidate Tudor Dixon, The Detroit News reported.

“This election requires every single one of us to do our part,” he said, per the outlet. “I understand why you might be worried about the course of the country. Sometimes it’s tempting just to tune out, watch football, watch Dancing With The Stars. I’m here to tell you, tuning out is not an option.”

Earlier this month, Obama and his wife Michelle, 58, posted a photo from their early voting location in hopes of inspiring Americans to make their voices heard this election season.

“Michelle and I voted early today. Now it’s your turn,” Barack wrote in a tweet at the time alongside the photo. “Check your voter registration or update it at, then make a plan to vote early or on Election Day. Because every vote matters.”

The former First Lady echoed his sentiment, writing, “I want to see you turning out to vote with your voting squad. Barack’s in my #VotingSquad — who’s in yours?” In a follow-up tweet, she offered an additional resource for creating a voting plan, sharing a link to her nonpartisan initiative When We All Vote, which aims to inform Americans about the voting process and inspire people to engage with politics.

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