Baltimore Mayor’s ‘Shorty Pull Your Mask Up’ Comment to COVID-19 Press Conference Heckler Goes Viral [Photos + Video]

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott is going viral after he asked a man to pull up his mask during a press conference Tuesday. “Shorty, pull your mask up,” Scott said to a man interrupting his press conference on the latest COVID-19 numbers.

via: Complex

COVID-19 brought gathering and live entertainment to a halt. And while it’s far down the list of the worst effects of this required shutdown, the lack of shows has brought with it a loss of the collective schadenfreude at seeing a heckler put in their place.

It’s in this environment that clapback-starved Twitter users have grasped upon a nascent catchphrase from Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott. Staring down a shouting man during a press conference on COVID-19 mandates, he said “Shorty, pull your mask up” reminding him that “people dying.”

Though the phrase resonated and will no doubt be on T-shirts and face masks within the week, it’s worth noting that Scott wasn’t calling a random citizen “shorty.” Scott was speaking to Baltimore activist Duane “Shorty” Davis, who pointed out the oversight on Twitter and in a video and was backed by other locals:

Never one to let the truth get in the way of a good catchphrase, Twitter gushed over the mayor’s response.

Shorty pull your mask up is the energy we needed for 2021.

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