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‘My Baby Daddy’ B-Rock and the Bizz Member Paul Costict Dead at 57

Paul Costict, one of the original members of the rap group B-Rock and The Bizz, famous for the single “My Baby Daddy” has died.

via: Daily Mail

The music artist passed away ‘unexpectedly’ on Saturday, October 21 at his home in Norfolk, Virgina, TMZ reported on Monday.

A family member spoke to the outlet but did not disclose the cause of death.

The person said they spoke to the music artist as recently as Wednesday, noting that he was in good spirits but had been sick.

B-Rock and The Bizz saw fleeting success with their 1997 hit My Baby Daddy, which ascended to number ten on the Billboard music chart at the time.

The song was certified gold and the accompanying plaque was fought over between Paul and his ex-wife during an episode of Divorce Court.

Paul juggled two hats as the music group’s road manager and an active member.

Thaddeus ‘T-Bird’ Maye, who grew up with Costict in Alabama and was part of B-Rock and The Bizz, told TMZ he was ‘a very funny and Kool brother.’

Costict’s impact has been felt through the years, with Rihanna notably rocking a ‘dat’s just my baby daddy’ T-shirt in homage to the song during her 2022 pregnancy.


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