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B. Scott #PosedInPurpose + ‘Pose’ Season 3 Premieres Sunday, May 2 on FX [Video]

is the award-winning, revolutionary, and joyous FX series that has not only captured our hearts, but reminds us of our true purpose in life- to be exactly who we are, confidently and unapologetically, while showing up for ourselves and each other, everyday, all day. It’s a whole lifestyle, and we’re feeling it and doing our best to embody it.

The show’s third and final season will be an unfiltered depiction of what it was to be a trans woman of color in the mid 1990s, while reminding viewers that joy found in the midst of difficult times is joy found forever.

From the trauma of feeling unaccepted, to the challenges of finding true family, to dealing with the devastating consequences of the poor handling of the HIV and AIDS crisis by the healthcare system, Pose highlights that finding strength through adversity is not only possible, but essential.

To celebrate the final season of Pose and the innate resiliency it highlights, we sat down with four leading Transgender/Trans-Rights advocates to share how they are finding strength amid continued societal marginalization and inequity facing the community. Watch as they tell us how Pose has inspired them and their community to be #PosedInPurpose.


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Aaron Rose Philip (@aaron__philip) is the first black, transgender, and physically disabled model to be represented by a major modeling agency. Here, she shares that “living life authentically and in selfless thoughts of yourself and the world around you”, is the key to true happiness. She tells her followers that to “live in love, community and care”, is how to be #PosedInPurpose.


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Allison Graham (@shedoeshim), the creator of Masculinity Is Not A Gender is #PosedinPurpose everyday as she breaks down the barriers that still exist in traditional menswear. Seeing no one that looked as she did, or dressed as she wanted to in the media, she began posting pics on Instagram and gained traction with Black and Brown Transgender and Queer people. Her story is their story- they see themselves in her. She says, “…that’s why Pose is important. Where our stories are so relatable, and my story is so relatable to Pray Tell as a fashion designer.”


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Kidd Kenn (@kiddkenn) is one of the fastest-rising rappers in Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene and opened for Kehlani at San Francisco Pride in 2018. He tells his followers that to go far in life, to live on purpose and to be #PosedInPurpose, you have to, “be yourself, all day, everyday. Because when you are yourself, everything falls in line!”


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B. Scott (@lovebscott) is the proclaimed ”Queen of Tea.” They were the first Black trans non-binary YouTube celebrity and along with the launch of www.lovebscott.com they became the first trans non-binary person to have a prominent Black media site. In the most recent episode of The B. Scott Show they shared about the upcoming final season of Pose, and powerfully reminded us that, “you have a right to be exactly who you are, and when you are being exactly who you are, you are #PosedInYourPurpose.”

As a part of #PosedInPurpose, FX Networks and Pose will be making a donation to The Black AIDS Institute. Help show your support by liking the posts shared here and using #PosedInPurpose to share your own story.

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