Azealia Banks Voices Her Frustration with 'Billboard' Cover Story, Says Her President Obama Remarks Were 'Just Jokes' [Photos]


Azealia Banks is somewhat unhappy with her Billboard Magazine cover story.

The typically unapologetic emcee took to Twitter this past Friday to express her frustration with Billboard‘s sensationalism and reveal that her crude remarks about President Barack Obama were made in jest and off the record.

In fact, due to Billboard‘s article, Azealia says that she will now record future interviews to guarantee accuracy (although she won’t be granting anymore interviews for the remainder of the year, according to a since-deleted Instagram post that you can read below).

“This interview was not my favorite. Lots of things I said got taken out of context. This whole interview was mostly about a few raunchy jokes I made…when I really spoke about so much more. Maybe it was the journalist, maybe it was the editor. Who knows, don’t care. I’m not doing anymore interviews this year.”


Check out her tweets (read from the bottom to the top).






Does Azealia have a point? On another note, it’s somewhat refreshing to see the 23-year-old actually regret something she’s said.


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