Azealia Banks Says Beyonce Is “Nasty,” While Nicki Minaj Is “Chic, Stylish, Sexy, At Ease…”

Azealia Banks has long been critical of Hollywood and the music industry. Despite having a household name herself — the rapper has a track record of beefing with some of Tinseltown’s biggest stars.

via: HotNewHipHop

Azealia Banks continues to share her negative thoughts about other celebrities with us via Instagram, but the New Yorker has added a notable amount of positivity into her tirades lately as well. Earlier in the month she gave Cardi B her flowers while laying into others like ASAP Rocky and Rihanna. Now, Banks is sharing her thoughts on another rap diva – Nicki Minaj – who is hard at work readying her Pink Friday 2 album for a fall debut.

“Like I would never even think you’d like something like this,” Azealia wrote on her Story when reposting an image of the Queen of Rap modelling a revealing outfit. “THIS IS THE BEST LOOK I HAVE EVER SEEN [YOU] IN. EVERRRRRRR OKAY? Nicki I have never seen you this comfortable in your own skin… I’m not even trying to shade you… But you have never ever looked this chic, stylish, sexy, at ease,” the controversial lyricist’s praise continued.

As HipHopDX notes, others in the limelight were less lucky when their turn came to face Banks’ wrath. Skai Jackson, Franz Ferdinand, CupcakKe, and Primary Talent International CEO Matt Bates all felt the heat as the multi-talent called them out for hypocritical and wannabe behaviour, among other things. In the comment section of that post, a brave user asked Azealia to share her thoughts on Beyonce’s RENAISSANCE tour, which she certainly didn’t hold back on.

“I stayed home. I decided I didn’t want to see Giselle and Blue Ivy’s cabaret,” her reply began. “I wasn’t leaving the comfort of my mansion to hear her sing Mary J. Blige covers and literally watch the same show I can watch on Instagram. In a big way, I kind of got over her that night. For a woman who’s done so much nasty stuff behind the scenes to stifle other Black female artists yet STILL is too afraid to come at Adele for ki’ing on her little ‘Lemonade’ stunt and tearing a Grammy in half while she’s in the front row pregnant???”

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