Awkward: Rashida Jones Reminds Red Carpet Host She's 'Ethnic' After Being Described as 'Very Tan' |

Awkward: Rashida Jones Reminds Red Carpet Host She’s ‘Ethnic’ After Being Described as ‘Very Tan’


It’s never a good idea to tell a person of color that they look ‘very tan’ — especially the daughter of Quincy Jones.

TNT correspondent Danielle Demski didn’t quite understand who she was talking to when she approached actress Rashida Jones on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet last night.

“You look amazing…gorgeous […]” said Andres. “You look like you’ve just come off like an island or something. You’re very tan. You’re very tropical.”


Jones, who identifies as both African-American and Jewish, clapped back with a smile:

Well…you know, I’m ethnic,” quipped Rashida.

They both laughed it off — but you can tell how awkward the moment was for the both of them.

Watch it unfold below.

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