Aubrey O'Day Says She'll 'Spend the Rest of My Life Trying to Heal' from Body-Shaming Comments |

Aubrey O’Day Says She’ll ‘Spend the Rest of My Life Trying to Heal’ from Body-Shaming Comments

The ever-outspoken Aubrey O’Day is opening up about the criticism she’s faced over the years about her body and appearance.

via People:

In a recent interview with E! News, the former Danity Kane member, 38, reflected on the healing she’s had to do after previous body-shaming comments on social media.

Back in 2020, the singer responded on Instagram to a “degrading” article that featured photos of her, prompting negative messages about her size and claims that she photoshopped her photos to appear thinner. At the time, O’Day said the industry needs to “stop abusing women’s bodies.

“It was my downfall day,” she recalled to E!. “When it came time to laugh at me, everybody was laughing.”

“My body’s been on the chopping block since I was 17. Those were not the first fat photos,” O’Day continued. “There’s been a lot of fat photos of Aubrey and I wasn’t even fat. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to heal with how many inaccurate things have been told about me.”

O’Day told the outlet that part of her healing has included embracing her body through her music, detailing the moment she posed nude for her “Couple Goals” video.

“I felt so good,” she explained. “I felt so comfortable in my body.”

The star admitted that she originally wanted to use a body double but attributes her director Alfredo Flores for helping her gain the confidence for it.

Now, O’Day said she even has the body positivity to share an uncensored version of the music video on her OnlyFans account, sharing that she has a “different perspective” on the conversations surrounding her body.

“It’s offering my body up to belong to people again,” O’Day told the outlet. “I love the reclaiming of it.”

Check out a preview of Aubrey’s new video below. You can see the full uncensored version via OnlyFans.

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