Asian Doll Walks Off Podcast After Being Told to "Get The F*ck Off the Show" [Photos + Video]

Asian Doll addressed an incident from Monday that saw her walk out of a podcast recording after getting into a dispute with one of the hosts.

via: Revolt

The rapper was on one of several guests on a recent episode of the “Fresh & Fit Podcast.” During the chat, she briefly engaged in a side conversation with her friend and was quieted by the host, who claimed he didn’t even know who she was. As he publicly reprimanded her for interrupting the show, Asian Doll said he was “mean as fuck”— claims he immediately denied. Moments later, he paused the show once more after the rapper made another comment about him being “mean.”

“Excuse me? I’m not mean at all. Have you been here the whole time? … So you don’t know what was happening,” he said, to which Asian responded, “I don’t give a fuck.” “How you gonna come on somebody’s show and not know what goes down and say, ‘Oh you’re mean?’” he asked. “It don’t matter. I can say what I want,” she replied. The host then told her that she “can get the fuck off the show.”

The other host attempted to ease the tension in the room, but Asian was still confused. “You mad that I said mean? You grown as hell,” she said at one point. In another part of the chat, she claimed that he just wanted “a moment.” She eventually took off her headphones and made her exit.

After the podcast, Asian Doll took to Twitter to applaud herself for maintaining her composure during the show.

“I was so calm yesterday cause I knew what he was tryna do…,” she tweeted. “Mr. Freddy Cougar was Finna get beat down Elm Street off camera. I’m thankful for the growth & self-control.” She also mentioned that she was defending another Black woman who he also disrespected on the show.

See her tweet below.

Watch the exchange between Asian Doll and Fresh & Fit co-host Myron Gaines below.

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