Ashlee Simpson Is Returning to Reality TV with New E! Series 'Ashlee and Evan'

It’s been 14-years since Ashlee Simpson’s hit reality series, ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show,’ thrust her into the spotlight and out from underneath sister Jessica Simpson’s shadow.

Now, the 33-year-old mother of two is returning to reality TV with a new show on E! and she’s bringing husband Evan Ross along for the ride.

Ashlee and Evan (working title) will follow the young millennial couple (both from famous music families) balancing marriage, kids and careers. Ashlee and Evan will also take viewers inside the recording of their first duet album.

via Billboard:

The couple have been married since 2014 and spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how they think the docu-series will affect their marriage — or not.

“I think in any relationship in this industry, there’s a stress on relationships,” Ross said. “I think that’s reality, but in no way do I think that if a relationship is meant to be together and a marriage is meant to be together, that anything like a show or being in this industry can change that.”

Similar to how MTV’s The Ashlee Simpson Show documented the singer’s debut album, the new E! show will focus on the musical couple’s forthcoming duet album. “We decided to make this album out of love and kind of going back to duets when that was such a thing,” Simpson explained.

Ross and Simpson both have fame in the family — including Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jessica Simpson — but viewers will have to wait and see who the couple will feature on the show. 

“There’s going to be some people that you’ll see,” Simpson hinted. “The support of our families has been wonderful.”

As for their kids, the parents detailed that although keeping them off-camera entirely would be an impossible task, they’ve been “cautious” about how much their 2-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son will be exposed.

“It’s impossible to keep them away because we’re with them every day, so they will be [in the show], but we’re strategic in how we do that,” Ross said. “We don’t overdo it with them.”

‘Ashlee and Evan’ will premiere later this year.


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