A$AP Rocky Sex Tape Leaks, Social Media Reacts to His Weak Stroke Game [Video]

A$AP Rocky is a self-proclaimed sex addict.

Earlier this year, he opened up about his addiction saying it began in junior high school. “I was horny,” he said. “I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet but I literally just was horny.”

Throughout A$AP’s career, the rapper has boasted about his many sexual escapades with women, orgies — all that.

Imagine our curiosity when we woke up this morning to news that an A$AP Rocky sex tape has hit the internet.

We were finally going to get to see this no-holds-barred, freaky-deaky, break-the-bed sex that A$AP has been talking about for so long…or so we thought.

Now, imagine our surprise when we pressed play on the tape and saw Rocky’s lackluster stroke.

One quick scroll through social media and it became clear we weren’t the only ones disappointed.

You would think that someone notorious for having all that sex would be throwing it DOWN thanks to years and years of practice — or maybe his sex addiction is so strong that he’s long forgotten about the art of the stroke.

Either way, he can go on and take that back to Sweden. We’re good over here.

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