Ariana Grande Visits Injured Fans in the Hospital Ahead of Manchester Benefit Concert [Photos]

Ariana Grande spent her Friday night visiting the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where many of her young fans that were injured in the Manchester attack are being treated.

via People:

Adam Harrison and Lauren Thorpe, who were injured in the blast along with their 8-year-old daughter Lily, shared photos of their little girl embracing Grande. “All we can do is thank Ariana,” Thorpe tells PEOPLE. Adds Harrison, “What Ariana Grande did tonight was so selfless and amazing … Lily looked on cloud nine.”

Of their bootleg Grande apparel in the photos, Harrison tells PEOPLE, “We bought official merchandise at the concert but was ruined (ripped/blood) so [we] had to throw it away. But an unofficial shirt seller outside the venue donated the t-shirts he didn’t sell to the kids in hospital. I apologized to Ariana that we had unofficial merchandise on, and explained the story. She laughed at and told us not to worry at all!”

Sharing photos of Grande embracing his daughter Jaden, Peter Mann wrote on his Facebook page: “This means more to us than all the amazing things people have done this week. when your daughter asks after her 2nd operation is ariana ok? so happy she came i could burst! Never seen jaden so happy! even cried again myself.”

Mom Sharon told the Manchester Evening News, “Jaden was just sat there watching TV and she walked in. She was absolutely amazed! It was a complete surprise. She has a big smile anyway but it got even bigger, Ariana gave her a hug and a kiss, she was in awe. It was absolutely fantastic to see, she was so happy.”

What a beautiful gesture in the midst of such terrible circumstance. Ariana’s One Love Manchester benefit concert takes place this Sunday.

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