Ariana Grande to Give Away Up to $5 Million in Free Therapy [Photos]

To mark World Mental Health Day, celebrities are using their platforms to share empowering messages to help others going through hard times.

via: Complex

The singer took to Instagram to announce that she and Better Health are giving away up to $5 million in free therapy. “I acknowledge that there are very real barriers when it comes to accessing mental health resources, and while this is only one small gesture (and a much larger systemic problem remains) I wanted to do this again with @betterhelp in hopes of bringing access to a few more people and perhaps inspiring a few of you to try something new and prioritize your own healing,” she captioned her post.

Grande partnered with Better Health in June for a similar campaign, where they gave away $1 million of free therapy. “I really wanted to do this anyway in hopes of inspiring you to dip a toe in, to feel okay asking for help, and to hopefully rid your minds of any sort of self-judgment in doing so!” she wrote at the time. “Healing is not linear or easy but you are worth the effort and time, I promise!”

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