Apryl Jones Claims Omarion Joined 'Love And Hip Hop' to Help Dispel Gay Rumors: 'His Management Thought It Would Be Good'

Apryl Jones is in the headlines right now for her new relationship, but that isn’t stopping her from speaking out about her old one.

In a new interview with Madamenoire, Apryl defended herself from accusations that she started acting out on television after she and Omarion broke up.

“That wasn’t the case,” Apryl said. “That whole situation with me and O on Love and Hip Hop was completely controlled. I never even wanted to do freakin’ reality TV.”

Apryl claims her participation in early seasons on L&HH was being “controlled” by Omarion’s management team. They allegedly wanted to use the show to help dispel gay rumors about him.

“His management thought it would be good for him to show who he was and his life because there were gay rumors. So to show he was in a relationship with a woman and having kids and all that, they thought it would be great.”

Now, April says that she’s back to being her “fun” self.

“If you love somebody you’re going to do it, but it just felt very controlled. I wasn’t really myself. When I came out of that relationship, which was fully f–king controlled and it was a lot going on, I was like “Oh my God.” I totally lost myself in that. Now I’m back to being the fun Apryl, the Apryl who doesn’t give a f–k.’”

Clearly that fun includes a little Dr. Dre.

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