Apollo Nida’s Fiancée, Sherien Almufti, Speaks Out About How Their Relationship Evolved: 'I Had Tremendous Respect for His Marriage'

Sherien Almufti, Apollo Nida’s new fiancée, is speaking out to clarify how her relationship with the incarcerated ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ husband came to be.

She says that she and Apollo were strictly friends since 2013, but didn’t get romantic until he was going away to prison for fraud.

via Us Weekly:

“I think the night we took him away [to prison] I felt something completely different,” she told Us. “Like, we’ve experienced something, you know. He cried on my shoulder. We held [each other] for a while. I just let him know — I told him as a friend — ‘I’m gonna be there for you.’ See, he was there for me, as well. … So I, in return as a friend first, before anything else, I told him I was gonna be there for him. Because I watched how a lot of people kind of just turned their backs on him.”

Almufti told Us that she didn’t know whether or not Parks knew she was acting as Nida’s support system during the early days of his time in prison, but clarified that her now-fiancé never got romantic prior to his split because she had “tremendous respect for his marriage.”

“I was married before and my husband cheated on me,” Almufti said. “And at the same time, I was actually dating someone. So I wasn’t like — it wasn’t that way. It was just more — it started out as a business situation.” The pair talked often about real estate in Philadelphia, where Almufti works. 

Over the next few years, however, she and Nida got closer, with her visiting him in prison on weekends whenever she was able, though they weren’t allowed to do anything more than kiss — though, according to Almufti, they “tongue each other down” when they do.

Then, last November, Nida asked Almufti to marry him in an untraditional way, in an untraditional setting.

“He just held my hand and he asked and I didn’t think he was serious and I was like, ‘What? This is not how I obviously imagined you asking me to marry you, but OK,’” she told Us. “But, yeah, it was unexpected. But he did promise me a different proposal — a different setting.”

Well, a judge reversed his decision on Phaedra Apollo’s divorce judgment because of Phaedra’s shady filing practices…so Sherien’s going to have to wait a bit before she can become Mrs. Nida.

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