Apartments Gervonta Davis Bought for Affordable Housing Project Caught on Fire, Video Shows |

Apartments Gervonta Davis Bought for Affordable Housing Project Caught on Fire, Video Shows

Gervonta Davis is dealing with the aftermath of a massive fire that burned down the entire block of apartment homes he purchased.

via Complex:

The boxer’s longtime trainer, Calvin Ford, shared footage on Friday of firefighters tending to the burned-out homes. In the clip, smoke seeped from several windows as the firefighters assessed the situation. Several people took to the comment section to voice their frustrations with the incident and how certain people keep the city from thriving while others do all they can.

“Nahhh somebody tried burning the building that tank just bought ? SMH the heat be so real that’s why sometimes you gotta leave your city and don’t turn back,” someone wrote. Another said, “This why it hurts to look out for your city pretty sure most would appreciate it but miserable people love company so sad ??.”

A third person said, “More reason to move in silence these days ????? Idk why ppl think you owe this city anything once you make it out .. Streets smile in your face and plot your demise at the same time THEY DONT LOVE YOU.”

Davis had just bought the block where the homes were located and planned to renovate it to make room for affordable housing hours before they were engulfed in flames. The purchase is part of the lightweight champion’s project with his GTD Development organization, which saw him buy nine properties in his Baltimore neighborhood already. 

“I definitely want to thank everybody that was included and helped us make this happen. I feel as though when I was coming up, we didn’t have somebody to be hands-on with us,” Davis said in a statement regarding the purchases.

City Council President Nick Mosby added, “Tank, when he goes around the world, he literally carries the city of Baltimore on his back. For you to come back, invest in your hometown, invest in your community, and invest in your block—is truly, truly special.”

It sounds like someone’s about to get a massive insurance check. We’re glad no one got hurt.


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