Antonio Brown's Ex Says He Still Hasn't Paid Child Support, 'I Want Him Arrested' |

Antonio Brown’s Ex Says He Still Hasn’t Paid Child Support, ‘I Want Him Arrested’

The mother of one of Antonio Brown’s children is fed up with the ex-NFL star.

via: Daily Mail

Wiltrice Jackson has called for police to arrest the former NFL star as he continues to duck almost $31,000 in child support payments.

Brown, who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2021, faced arrest last month after a judge ruled he had missed a child support payment of $15,000, which was the second time this year he had been accused of doing so.

In April, a judge made an identical ruling after the ex-Buccaneers and Steelers wide receiver was judged to have not made a $30,000 payment to Jackson. On that occasion, he paid up before any enforcement was needed.

Yet six months on, Brown still finds himself in hot water after Jackson – with whom he has a 15-year-old daughter, Antanyiah – alleged in an interview with TMZ Sports that he still owes her close to $31,000.

‘I do want him arrested,’ she said. ‘Because, right now, he’s making a mockery out of the judge, out of everything, because he feels like he’s untouchable.’

According to her attorney, Pascal Michel, Jackson is not only demanding money from Brown. She is also looking for the 35-year-old to be more of an ‘involved father’.

Antanyiah – who participates in track and field at her high school – is said to be attracting interest from more than 80 schools, including the University of Miami and Oregon.

By him having a daughter like an athlete like her, you would think he’d be in her corner to support her,’ Jackson said.

In January 2019, Brown was alleged to have pushed Jackson in a domestic dispute but he was not arrested, according to TMZ.

Brown has six children overall with three different women.

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