Anthony Hopkins Gets COVID-19 Vaccine After Year-Long Self-Imposed Quarantine: 'Thank You' [Video]

Anthony Hopkins received the coronavirus vaccine at 83 after being at home, isolated, for an entire year.

via People:

The Oscar-winning actor, who celebrated his 83rd birthday last month, shared a video on Friday that showed him receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the video, Hopkins wears a face shield and face mask, receiving his shot while seated in a car. 

“THANK YOU??” he wrote alongside the short clip, going on to give a shout out to CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center as well as his “dear friend, Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa.” 

“Light at the end of the tunnel (after one year of self imposed quarantine),” he added. 

While spending time at home over the past year, the actor has stayed busy with his social media posts, signing up for TikTok and sharing a number of videos with his beloved pet cat, Niblo. 

“Niblo is making sure I stay healthy and demands I entertain him in exchange… cats ?????,” he captioned one post, in which the feline sat in his lap while he played the piano.

In another light-hearted video, Hopkins wished his followers a “lovely day” on behalf of himself and his cat — who made a brief cameo before jumping offscreen.  

“This is my pal Niblo, saying good morning to everyone — oh, he got bored!” Hopkins said with a laugh, captioning the post, “Niblo wishes everyone a lovely day…”

Opening up about his social media accounts last year, Hopkins told PEOPLEthat he wants to “have a good laugh” with his fans.  

“People seem to respond to my weird sense of humor,” he said. “Because that’s all we can do — let’s try and have a good laugh. Let’s try and keep our spirits up.”

“I try to communicate with people saying, you know, let’s try and enjoy it, and have some fun. Just enjoy it,” he added. “My life has been blessed, you know, but people really suffer pain, and I know people who are very lonely. And I wish I could do more, but I do the best I can. So that’s my purpose on social media, just to give a message say, ‘Hey.’ “

Watch the moment below.

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