Angus Cloud’s Former Manager Details ‘Euphoria’ Star’s Alleged Drug Addiction

Angus Cloud’s former manager has accused the “Euphoria” star of being addicted to prescription drugs and says he once vomited in his face as he performed CPR after Angus allegedly overdosed.

via Page Six:

In a lengthy Twitter screed, Diomi Cordero lays bare his alleged professional relationship with the HBO star, 24, which he says began when they met in a rehab clinic.

Cordero writes that he was working the “graveyard shift” as a “mental health technician” as he pursued his dream of becoming an independent talent manager. After working there for only two weeks he met Cloud, who was a patient. He says the two developed a close bond and began professionally working together in April 2021.

Cordero alleges that Cloud’s affairs were a mess and he hired him a publicist and new “acting & fashion agents” who helped him “acquire health insurance” and “ensured that his SAG-AFTRA account was correctly configured.

“This intervention allowed Angus to regain control of his personal and professional life.”

The manager alleges that before he came on board, the Oakland native’s personal life was in a “state of disarray.”

For the next couple of months, Cordero claims that Cloud was doing well, even though he was surrounded by friends who allegedly continued to use drugs and threaten the actor’s sobriety.

“Their reckless behavior and lack of regard for Angus’ recovery served as a significant obstacle to his progress,” the talent manager alleges, “ultimately contributing to his relapse.”

However, Cordero writes that only two days after Cloud got out of rehab, he went to the actor’s home for a July 4 barbecue.

“Upon entering his premises and attempting to greet him with a hug, it became immediately apparent that he had resumed substance abuse, a mere two days after completing his treatment,” he claims.

Cordero claims that the “situation gradually deteriorated” over the next few months and by November 2021, Cloud had “evidently relinquished control of his addiction.”

He alleges that “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson pleaded with Cloud to “fight for his life.”

Cordero claims that he organized a spot in another rehab facility for Cloud, who plays a drug dealer named Fez on the controversial HBO show, while he filmed his final two weeks of the second season.

The talent manager claims that Cloud allegedly used drugs in rehab and refused to stay, checking himself out to work on the film “Your Lucky Day.”

Cloud then booked a role in another film and on the night before he was set to fly to Oklahoma, Cordero alleges that he received a call from one of Cloud’s roommates, informing him that the actor was struggling to breathe. Cordero claims that he rushed over, administered Narcan and performed CPR on Cloud.

“Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” he tweeted.

Somehow, Cloud made it to Oklahoma City in time to fulfill his role in the movie.

Cordero also claims that Cloud’s behavior towards him “became extremely abusive,” adding that he “had gone to the extent of degrading me publicly in front of his friends & even my colleagues.”

Cordero says that the last straw was when Cloud was invited to attend a Versace fashion show in Europe. A few days before the trip, Cloud’s manager reportedly called Cordero and told him that Cloud preferred to go with pals.

“Consequently, I resigned from my position that day,” he writes, noting that Cloud didn’t end up going because JFK staff allegedly refused to let him board as he was “so high on drugs.”

Cordero also included a video of the actor seemingly high at another fashion show.

He claims that Cloud’s new management offered him a settlement, which he rejected.

“As a result of my resignation, for over a year, I have been pursuing the collection of my outstanding management commissions from Angus, totaling over $60,000.00,” he tweeted. “Despite repeated attempts to resolve this matter amicably, I have yet to receive any of the payments owed to me.

“In sharing my story, I hope to not only find solace & healing but to also inspire others who may be struggling to find their voice in an industry where most are silenced. I wanted to be a testament to the power of speaking up and owning one’s truth, even in the face of adversity.”

This doesn’t surprise us one bit.

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