Angus Cloud’s Estate Sued By Manager Over $95K Of Unpaid Commissions |

Angus Cloud’s Estate Sued By Manager Over $95K Of Unpaid Commissions

‘Euphoria’ star Angus Cloud’s died last July of a drug overdose at the age of 25.

via: The Blast

Cloud‘s estate is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit from his former manager, who claims he is owed thousands in commission payments.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the manager, Diomi Cordero, alleged that the late actor stopped paying commissions without any basis long before his tragic death.

Cordero filed a creditor’s claim against the late “Euphoria” actor’s estate, alleging that Cloud owed him a total of $94,770 in unpaid commissions from several projects in Hollywood.

In the filing, the manager claimed he and Cloud had an agreement for the late actor to pay ten percent (10%) commission of compensation received, but the late star breached the contract in early 2022. The manager “has a record of [Angus] making numerous commission payments to him until he ceased making such payments with no basis,” the filing claimed.

The document further read, that he “engaged in bona fide settlement negotiations with [Angus’s] legal representative, and a formal Settlement Agreement was circulated but not agreed to nor executed.”

Cordero attached a list of the owed commissions, with the highest figure being a $17,500 payment from Cloud’s Ralph Lauren fragrances gig, which he landed in February 2022. A $15,000 debt from “Euphoria” season 2 and a $15,000 payment from a collaboration with Atelier Luxury Group, were also included.

There was also an unpaid commission of $13,500 from a Rayban Appearance and $10,000 from a Reebok social media post. Cloud’s collaborations with brands like Zara, Fila, Revolve, and more were included in the filing.

This isn’t the first creditor’s claim that has been filed against the late 25-year-old since his unfortunate passing in July 2023. Cloud’s cause of death was confirmed as “acute intoxication” of multiple drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamines, fentanyl, and benzodiazepines.

In November, the California native’s estate received a lawsuit from the financial institution JP Morgan Chase, which alleged that Cloud owed them almost $10,000 in credit card payments.

JP Morgan Chase says Cloud owed them $9,056.11 before his demise, and the filing was served to his mother, Lisa Cloud. The filing claimed the “Decedent purchased goods and/or services” totaling the owed amount.

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