Angry Trump Supporter Pops Off on Another Driver: 'Don't Worry, You F*cking Terrorist. They'll Deport You Soon' [Video]


A man driving an SUV in Queens popped off with an anti-Muslim rant against a passenger in another car.

“Trump is President, (expletive),” the man says on the video, taken Thursday. “So you can kiss your (expletive) visa goodbye.”

“They’ll deport you soon,” he adds. “Don’t worry, you (expletive) terrorist.”

via NY Daily News:

The person who recorded it was a passenger in a vehicle in another lane, though it wasn’t clear what prompted the diatribe.

“You’re not even from here,” yells the man, who appears to be white. “Video all you want. You’re an Arab. You’re a (expletive) loser.”

The NYPD’s 114th Precinct was notified of the incident, a source said.

The vitriol comes at a time when hate crimes are surging citywide.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill Wednesday said bias incidents of all types are up 32% — with 328 bias crimes this year compared to 250 during the same period last year.

Hate crimes against Muslim have more than doubled, with 25 incidents this year compared to 12 last year, while anti-Semitic incidents have risen to 111, from 102 last year.

Watch the clip below.

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