Andy Cohen Reveals Contents of Lisa Rinna's Reunion Envelopes |

Andy Cohen Reveals Contents of Lisa Rinna’s Reunion Envelopes

Andy Cohen addressed what was in the manilla envelopes Lisa Rinna brought to the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion after fans noticed the contents were never addressed during the three-part series.

via Page Six:

On the latest episode of his SiriusXM radio show, “Andy Cohen Live,” the the Bravo boss revealed that the envelopes contained “receipts relating to the Elton John AIDS Foundation ticket snafu.”

“We just wound up cutting it all out,” he explained, adding that “there were a lot of decisions made in the edit to cut down many conversations.”

In fact, Cohen, 54, said “every topic” from the season was not only discussed that day but also “beat to death,” informing viewers that the group “filmed for a very long time” and “talked about a lot.”

“We had a lot to get into three episodes,” he shared. “If [the reunion] had been any longer, I feel like everyone would’ve complained that it was too long, but now people are complaining, ‘Why didn’t you talk about this more? Why didn’t you talk about that more?’”

On that ill-fated day of filming, Rinna, 59, was the first of her co-stars to make her way to the dreaded white couches (that were left orange thanks to Dorit Kemsley’s intense spray tan).

“Wow, she’s got manilla envelopes,” Cohen remarked from his moderator chair.

“F–k yeah. Of course I do,” Rinna replied confidently as she tucked the mysterious envelopes behind the pillows of her spot on the couch.

Last September, Rinna’s co-star, Sutton Stracke, claimed during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” that Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, had attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party a few years prior as Stracke’s invited guests, insisting that she “never got a thank you” from the pair.

Rinna fired back on Instagram, “We didn’t come as your guests @suttonstracke. @eltonjohn invited us to his event, you asked us to sit at your table. So we did. Let’s just make that clear.”

The topic was dredged up numerous times while cameras were rolling for “RHOBH” Season 12, but it was never fully resolved because neither woman was willing to budge on her stance.

We hope there was more to those envelopes than that — but thanks to those pesky editors, we’ll never know!

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