Andy Cohen Responds to Backlash for ‘Praising’ Slimmed-Down ‘Housewives’ on Ozempic

Andy Cohen is admitting he was wrong for praising women from the “Real Housewives” franchise who have lost weight by using Ozempic.

via Page Six:

During Wednesday’s episode of his SiriusXM “Radio Andy” show, the Bravo exec read a DM from a fan who requested he “stop congratulating” his guests for “looking so thin and asking if they’re taking Ozempic.”

Per Cohen, the message read, “Tonight was the third ‘Watch What Happens Live’ guest who I’ve heard you praise for losing weight and inquiring about Ozempic.”

Cohen, 54, then said, “Well you know what? This woman – she’s right.”

The TV host was referring to reacting positively after “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Dolores Catania and Jennifer Fessler separately confessed they used a form of the weight loss drug.

“I said to [Catania], ‘You look great,’ and she said, ‘Yeah, I lost weight.’ I go ‘Ozempy?’ She said, ‘Yup you better believe it!’” he recalled. “I was happy that she told the truth about it by the way, because there are so many people who aren’t.”

Cohen didn’t technically “congratulate” 52-year-old Catania – as the fan wrote in her DM. However, he did tell her she looked “thin” and repeated “wow” before joking that “half” her “RHONJ” cast members are on it.

Meanwhile, Cohen previously told Fessler that she “looked different” and asked what she’s “on,” but he didn’t outright congratulate her either.

The “Most Talkative” author’s reaction came after fans slammed him on social media for “grinning” and “giggling” while the two women made the “triggering” admissions.

“Dolores just admitted to using Ozempic for weight loss on #WWHL like it was no big deal… Then Andy & her joked that she wasn’t the only housewife doing it… WTF is going on at Bravo?!?! ,” one fan tweeted.

“How about we stop praising Bravolebrities for using Ozempic to lose a little weight (which in turn created supply shortages and prevented non-celebrities who really needed the medication),” someone else added.

“Don’t even wanna watch #rhnoj anymore after what dolores said on @BravoWWHL ab[out] ozempic ESPECIALLY when andy said half the cast was on it too it’s not f–king funny it’s gross,” a third argued.

A fourth weighed in, demanding Cohen to “stop telling guests ‘they look so thin’ & making light of the fact that they’re taking Ozempic. Joking around about women taking a drug for diabetes in order to basically starve themselves & get thin is hardly healthy or praiseworthy #DoBetter.”

After responding to the initial backlash during Wednesday’s show, Cohen admitted to co-host John Hill that he’s not sure how he should approach weight loss – and Ozempic – with his “Watch What Happens Live” guests moving forward.

“I’m trying to deliver the goods for my audience watching,” Cohen explained. “I mean, if Dolores shows up looking 15 pounds lighter, I gotta find out how it happened.”

The dad of two admitted that it is a “slippery slope” to casually talk about Ozempic – especially when Catania and Fessler’s co-star and eating disorder survivor, Jackie Goldschneider, condemned the drug for being “eating disorder in a needle.”

Catania and Fessler are just two of the several celebrities who have owned up to using some form of drug to lose weight.

It’ll be interesting to see how all these Ozempic users look a year from now.

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