Andrew Caldwell Wants Everyone to Know He's Still 'Not Gay No More': 'I Am Delivered Because I Am Claiming It' [Video]

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Andrew Caldwell isn’t ‘gay no more’ — and he wants to make sure that you understand that.

Now, we admit — we’ve seen Andrew pop up in various video clips across the Internet ever since his initial “I’m Not Gay No More” clip went viral…and we’ve kept our comments to ourselves.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, he addresses everyone who doubts his goodwill and testimony.

“Each and every day God takes me through a process. And, I notice that I don’t switch (my hips) that much, I don’t twerk that much. I don’t do different things — because God can deliver from homosexual(ity),” said Andrew.

He continued,

“Leave me alone. Whoever posted that video from the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC), that was very mean. That was — I don’t know — that really hurts me each and every day. I cry myself to sleep.

I can’t go nowhere without getting harassed in restaurants. Today somebody gave me a dirty glass and said, ‘Here’s you water.’ I looked at that kinda person and I said, ‘Why would you that?’ He said, ‘Because you made a mock(ery) of us.’ And I said, ‘Of us? What do you mean?’ And he said, “No Brotha, you’re still the same.”

You can’t judge me. How can you tell me I’m still gay? No, I am delivered because I am claiming it. I have not touched a man in a year. God took that desire away from me…”

Andrew said a few more things about his work in the community and having his own money in the 9+ minute video, but we didn’t make it past the 4:50 mark when he started speaking in tongues.

You can see what else Andrew had to say below.

I am tired of people accusing me of varìous .things and trying to damage my character. I'm tired of people trying to take the voice that God has given me and questioning my deliverance.

Posted by Andrew Chad Caldwell on Friday, May 8, 2015

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