Anderson Cooper Signs New Deal with CNN, Won't Be Joining 'Live' with Kelly Ripa


Anderson Cooper will call CNN his TV home for the next few years.

The anchor has signed with the network for a new long-term deal, which means he won’t be co-hosting ‘Live’ with Kelly Ripa as rumored.

via THR:

Cooper informed his staff at CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 last week. He also, of course, let good friend Ripa know that he would not be joining her permanently, though he will continue to fill in on the program. Cooper’s new CNN contract does still include a carve-out for Cooper to appear on CBS News’ 60 Minutes, where he does several pieces each season.

Cooper was Ripa’s top choice to replace Michael Strahan. And given the way ABC handled Strahan’s departure in favor of a full-time gig at Good Morning America, Ripa may have had enough leverage to get her way. Cooper was also her choice back in 2012, but executives convinced her to get behind Strahan.

But Cooper has always maintained that CNN was his top priority. And it is a job that requires much travel. At the same time, the volatile election season has kept all news divisions busy; Cooper will co-moderate the second presidential debate Sunday with ABC’s Martha Raddatz. In the end, he deemed it would be too difficult to do both, say sources close to the anchor.

Live, which is produced by WABC, the network’s owned station in New York, is still auditioning co-hosts for Ripa. And Cooper is on the docket for Wednesday, Oct. 12. Those in rotation have included Fred Savage and Neil Patrick Harris. But Harris recently said he is not interested in the gig full-time.

CNN needs Anderson Cooper. We’re glad he’s staying.

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