Anderson Cooper Shares Awkward Oral Sex Conversation He Had with His 85-Year-Old Mother |

Anderson Cooper Shares Awkward Oral Sex Conversation He Had with His 85-Year-Old Mother

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There are certain things that most people avoid talking about with their parents. Sex is one. Oral sex is definitely another.

Not so much for Anderson Cooper. He opened up about the time his then 85-year-old mother praised her lover’s oral sex skills on live TV.

via Radar Online:

During a roundtable discussion the 46-year-old silver fox asked his guests to talk about their pick for the most scandalous story of 2013.

Journalist Dan Savage nominated Rob Ford, the notorious Toronto mayor whose comments about his wife and oral sex – among a host of other things – made headlines this year.

The cheeky author said, “I love a good cunnilingus joke on the evening news.”

At this point Anderson interjected with his story about his mom, fashion designer and 89-year-old socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, who likened one lover’s oral sex skills to legendary ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

He said, “My mom once wrote a romance memoir about the men she had dated – and I use that term loosely.

“And she described one guy she was currently dating – my mom was 85 at the time – as the Nijinsky of cunnilingus and she made me proof-read the book. I was like, ‘Mom, I don’t know much about modern dance.’”

At which point Dan said, “Or cunnilingus…” which drew fits of giggles from the other panelists and openly gay Anderson himself.

In 2004 Anderson’s mother published the book It Seemed Important At The Time: A Romance Memoir about her love life.

The book certainly left an impression on her son who later wrote about it in an article for Details magazine.

At the time he said that the oral sex story was “not really a visual image I wanted to have.”

He added, “When I suggested she take the whole cunnilingus thing out of the book, she just laughed and told me I should have a sense of humor about it.”

Well, would you find it funny if it were your mother?

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