Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Admit They Have ‘Difficult’ But ‘Evolving’ Relationships with Each Other’s Kids |

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Admit They Have ‘Difficult’ But ‘Evolving’ Relationships with Each Other’s Kids

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are opening up about their blended family affair.

via: Page Six

The couple noted on Thursday’s Q&A episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast that Robach’s daughters, Ava and Annalise, and T.J.’s 10-year-old, Sabine, bonded with their parents’ new partners back when they “were just friends.”

Robach, 50, explained, “So as tough as it has been for so many people in our lives, it’s the most difficult for them because now they’re having to look at us in a different way with one another.”

The former “20/20” co-anchor noted that she and Holmes, 46, have been “very thoughtful” and “very patient” while “taking things slowly” with the kids.

“But things are good,” Robach, who shares her daughters with ex-husband Tim McIntosh, clarified. “They’re peaceful. We want to continue to build on that.”

Holmes chimed in with rare insight on how his and ex-wife Marilee Fiebig’s daughter is coping.

“My little one has known Robach since she was 1 and now she’s knowing Robach in a different way in a different role, but it’s been the greatest,” he said, adding that he lets the preteen “guide” the dynamic.

“I’m always just open. ‘Robach is here, we’re hanging, do you want to do this?’” the former CNN anchor explained. “The past few months she has volunteered. ‘Robach is there, can I come by? You and Robach are doing what? Can I get a piece of that?’ Like, voluntarily.”

Holmes gushed over “mature” Sabine “having a desire to do these things” and either “absolutely giving the OK” to see his girlfriend or “in most cases … requesting” time together.

The ousted “GMA3” co-hosts joked that they now desire more “private time.”

Holmes concluded, “It’s really been one of the most touching things recently to see … how she wants to be apart and included and enjoys the time with us.”

The couple began their Q&A session on Tuesday, with Robach telling listeners how “shocked” Ava reacted when their romance came to light in November 2022.

“My oldest daughter said to me [that] she thought it was such a quick decision, that it was just an abrupt thing I just leapt into,” the journalist recalled.

“And I said that … I really carefully considered what I wanted to do before I did it.”

The duo launched their podcast earlier this month on the anniversary of their ABC departure.

That same week, Robach and Holmes made their “handsy” red carpet debut as a couple, which they defended on the Dec. 12 episode.

“We’re in love. We’re happy. I don’t know how else to act,” Robach said — although Holmes admitted to a “bad habit” of his “hand end[ing] up lower than [her] waist.”

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