American Airlines Duct-Taped 13-Year-Old Passenger to Seat After He Allegedly Tried to Kick a Window Out [Video]

A 13-year-old kid is the last passenger on a plane to get duct-taped to a seat — and the moment was captured on video.

Earlier this week, on an  American Airlines flight from Maui to L.A., the kid reportedly started trying to kick the window out next to him. He also is said to have gotten violent with his mother about an hour into the flight.

The flight attendants and other passengers subdued the unruly kid and started to tape him to his seat.

The plane had to reroute and make an emergency landing in Honolulu, where witnesses say the boy was taken into custody by authorities.

No one was injured.

We’re not sure what’s up with people and their need to act out on flights lately, but we’re not mad at the duct-tape solution.

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