AMC Theatres Offers Cinemas For Private Rentals At $99 On Up |

AMC Theatres Offers Cinemas For Private Rentals At $99 On Up

Sign me up, take all my money. The world’s largest movie theatre chain AMC is offering the public the chance to rent out one of their cinemas for personal film screenings for up to 20 people at prices starting at $99. AMC will be rolling this out at their locations in Maryland and Virginia to start.

via: The Washingtonian

Months after the pandemic shut cinemas across the country, AMC Theatres is trying to bring moviegoers back by letting them rent entire auditoriums in Virginia and Maryland (and nationwide, but not DC) for private groups of 20 people or less. The cost for your entire crew ranges between $99 and $349, depending on the movie and theater location.

There are currently 34 films to choose from, including classics (Jurassic Park, The Empire Strikes Back), kid-friendly animations (Monsters, Inc., Madagascar), and Halloween flicks (Hocus Pocus, The Conjuring 1 and 2). Most of the older releases are $99 (plus tax), while newer pictures like The Broken Hearts Gallery or Unhinged start at $149.

The price doesn’t include buttered popcorn or M&Ms, which can be ordered in advance via snack vouchers. (Cash is no longer accepted at concession stands.) And if you want to bring your own grub, AMC charges a $250 outside catering fee. It also doesn’t allow food that it is already selling, or that requires a “heating element.” There are other extra fees too, depending on what you’re looking to do. Want a mic to welcome your friends? Tack on $100 more.

Among the new Covid-era protocols: masks required during screenings, and cleaning crews armed with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and HEPA-filter vacuums.

Find a full list of participating theaters and make bookings online here.

Hopefully this practice will expand nationwide as long as everyone stays safe and healthy.

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