Amber Riley Opens Up About Finding New Love After Ending Engagement [Photo + Video]

Amber Riley is choosing herself.

via: Vibe

Amber Riley has been reclaiming her time on a personal and professional front. The Glee alum is working on new music, approaching life differently, and has fallen in love.

She was previously engaged to Deshaun Black for nearly three years before she confirmed their split in March 2022. Almost a year later on Valentine’s Day 2023, the Masked Singer winner debuted her new beau publicly.

“I decided to post him on Valentine’s Day, partially because I was in the dog house,” she joked with xoNecole. “I got in trouble with him. The break up was never going to stop me from finding love. Or at least trying. I don’t owe anybody a happily ever after. People break up. It happens. When it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was terrible, hunny. I had to get the f**k up out of there. You find happiness and you enjoy it and work through it.”

She now has a boyfriend of eight months, People noted.

Her new music, which she teased earlier this year, is apparently her “strongest, most confident offerings as an artist.” She considered the project to be “straight up R&B,” and credited Muni Long for helping the genre reach such a great place with the success of “Hrs & Hrs.”

Riley added, “I am so much more comfortable as a writer, and I know who I am as an artist now. I’m evolving as a human being, in general, so I’m way more vulnerable in my music. I’m way more willing to talk about whatever is on my mind. I don’t stop myself from saying what it is I want to say.”

Most recently, she collaborated with Omarion on his album, Full Circle: Sonic Book 1.

Watch the visualizer for “Waiting” below.

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