Amanda Bynes' Parents Not Considering Another Conservatorship Amid Psych Hold

Yesterday we reported that Actress Amanda Bynes has was placed on a psychiatric hold after allegedly wandering around downtown Los Angeles naked over the weekend.

Eyewitnesses reports said Amanda had on no clothes when she flagged down a car early Sunday and explained she was coming down from a “psychotic episode.”

Amanda reportedly called 911 herself and police sources say she was taken to a nearby police station where she was evaluated by mental health professionals. That team found she needed to be placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

She was not hurt.

With this episode happening, TMZ is reporting her parents are not looking into filing another conservatorship.

“A source with direct knowledge tells TMZ … Amanda’s parents, Lynn and Rick, are deeply concerned about their daughter’s well-being and health after her latest ordeal — but another conservatorship isn’t on the table, at least for now.”

Wishing Amanda the best.

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