Amanda Bynes Emerges in New Snap with Boyfriend Paul Michael [Photo]

Amanda Bynes stepped away from social media in October 2020, but the actress is checking-in with fans via her boyfriend’s Instagram account.

via The Blast:

Amanda Bynes appeared with a slight smile as she snuggled up to her boyfriend, Paul, in the latest shot to make its way on social media. The former Nickelodeon star also appears to have changed her look up once again, this time going with bangs while keeping the dark hair that she’s been sporting for the past few months.

No caption was given by the couple, who got wrapped up in a bizarre pregnancy announcement last year that ended with her receiving 2 months of voluntary treatment in a mental health facility.

After she was released from treatment in May 2020, Bynes briefly appeared on social media to update fans about her goals for the immediatefuture:

She added, “Looking forward to starting my online store in the future #goals.”

Bynes also explained she, “Spent the last 2 months in treatment. Worked on coping skills to help with my social anxiety that caused me to drop out of school months ago.”

Upon leaving the treatment center, Amanda Bynes spent time in a transitional living home and attended weekly sessions of therapy. She has not discussed any updates with fans since, but sometimes no news is good news as the actress turned student of fashion design continues to live her life as a normal member of society.

Although Bynes remains under legal conservatorship by her mother, much like the situation with Britney Spears, it seems Bynes is also allowed to continue her relationship with Paul.

It’s always good to see Amanda doing seemingly well — even though her boyfriend, Paul, gets a major side-eye from us.

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